Spruce.  Yesteryear Christmas trees.  

May it’s wonderful perfume seduce you!

For those who love a traditional Christmas, Spruce is the Christmas fairy with a wonderful perfume that will take you through old days .

  • The thorns of this Christmas tree are very delicate and fall more easily than Nordmann.
  • It’s branches stand softly and upright.
  • Christmas tree with an agreeable resin perfume.

You can either ask for a pot (you can plant it in your garden afterwards) an a tree on a cross.  Please visit our page:  Christmas tree on a cross or in a pot!

Tips :

  • Please avoid precipitation before buying the tree .  Maximum 15 days before Christmas.
  • Please do not put your tree close to a heating source (radiator, chimney) it will dry sooner !
  • Buy the tree with it’s roots if you want to plant it afterward.
  • Without roots, humidify the branches every day while taking care of the garland branches as well!


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