Mistletoe branches for decoration

Originally from Europe, mistletoe was continuously a source of fascination for our Greek and Gallic ancestors who eventually turned it into a symbol of prosperity and long life.

The balls of mistletoe are a perfectly beautiful decoration for celebrating the end of the year and of course embracing the New year…

With only 4 or 5 branches of mistletoe you can easily make a beautiful bouquet to hang over the door.

The legend also tells that enemies who met under a mistletoe ball would reconsider truce for a day before going back to war.

Undoubtedly this legend has been the main source for the tradition of hanging a ball of mistletoe from the ceiling and kissing below as a sign of friendship.

Mistletoe is associated with prosperity, fertility, happiness and long life…

Tips :

The best way to keep the branches alive for a long time is to keep them constantly fresh and damp as heat can dry them out.

Mistletoe branches

branches de gui
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